Two bodies inhabit a space marked out in dirt.  It could be a garden, or a whole other world.  The bodies are busy: with themselves and each other, with the dirt, and with what the dirt contains and reveals. Are they planting or burying?  Working or playing?  Gardening or dancing?  Is this the beginning of time or the end, or somewhere else altogether?
Invoking the mundane and the mythic, archetypal and domestic, Recreation questions conceptions of body, earth and work, and investigates some of the meetings and negotiations that go on between them.  By reducing down to the fundamental elements represented by body and earth, Recreation searches for new and forgotten ways of viewing and understanding our relationships to physical identities and roles, the kinds of work we do alone and together, and the ground beneath (all) our feet.

Recreation is an ongoing research project.

concept, performance: Nic Lloyd, Julia Schwarzbach
dramaturgical assistance: Simone Aughterlony
supported by: SZENE Salzburg, SEAD Salzburg, Kultur Stadt Salzburg, Kultur Land Salzburg, bka Wien

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