`open space` project in collaboration with artist Claudia Heu

Markier dein Revier Festival, hosted by SZENE Salzburg, 2007

In 2005, the INITIATIVE ARCHITEKTUR Salzburg organized an open-house day in the city. One could pick up a symbolic key and visit empty, abandoned spaces in the old part of Salzburg. Fascinated by the idea of making these spaces visible and accessible I began to research about the phenomena of vacancy in Salzburg. It turned out to be rather difficult gaining permission to actually do something in these spaces. Half a year later a holiday trip to Croatia brought me and some friends accidentially to the abandoned luxury hotel `Palace` on the northern Adriatic coast.

Finding a petition from former employees on one of the windows made us ask questions both about the history and the current situation of the place and eventually interview people living in that area.

A video and photos of that ghost-p(a)lace were presented during 'Markier dein Revier Festival' 2007. Parallel to the exhibition visitors could book a guided tour to the empty hotel `Traube` in Linzergasse Salzburg and make up their own stories about the history and fictional future of that place.

`Markier dein Revier` was initiated by Vienna-based artist Rotraud Kern and brought together performers from Salzburg and Vienna in a year-long series of mutual activities like flashmobs and instant workshops.