let the bodies speak

is a collaboration between Julia Schwarzbach and the Yugsamas Movement Collective that played at tanz_house festival Salzburg in 2015. The idea of becoming one body and an engagment with the bodies fascial system build the foundation for the choreography.The eight dancers create a constantly moving and reorganizing mesh between themselves and a set of non-elastic ropes.

concept/choreography: Julia Schwarzbach in collaboration with Yugsamas Movement Collective

performance: Anna Friedrich, Anna Virkkunen, Carla Morera Cruzate, Giulia Di Guardo, Manuela Calleja, Roni Sagi, Sebastian Zuber, Yali Rivlin

sound: Nic Lloyd

lights: Stefan Ebelsberger

foto/video: SensoReye Production

supported by: Kultur Stadt Salzburg, Kultur Land Salzburg, SZENE Salzburg, Verein tanz_house