under construction is a Salzburg-based research and performance group who started working together in 2014.Their projects are located at the intersections between dance/performance and disciplines such as architecture, fine arts and sociology.
The group works with a transdiciplinary perspective, joining artistic research and performance practice, exchanging and sharing with other researchers and practitioners from these fields.
The body’s outer and inner architectures (“Körperbau”) form the core focus of their work. By going/gazing under the skin they question how the structures of the body are mirrored or extended in built and natural environments (“Baukörper”) - how are we built and how do we build ?

under construction are:
Mirjam Klebel (dancer/choreographer)
Beate Kaulitz (dancer/sociologist)
Nic Lloyd (performer/DJ)
Christina Pointner (set-designer)
Julia Schwarzbach (dancer/choreographer)


 “planes”, research-lab with dancer Emmi Väisänen, tanz_house Salzburg, 2017

“kartOOOn”, performance for kids, co-produced by Toihaus Theater Salzburg, 2016

lecture performance, tanz_house Festival Salzburg, 2016

“body building”, Kavernen 1595, Sommerszene Salzburg, 2015

“body building”, Symposium SUPERSTADT Linz, 2015

“shellter”, site-specific performance, Leopoldskron/Salzburg, tanz_house festival, 2014

“Baubehandlung”, Architekturtage Salzburg, 2014


Emmi Väisänen/dancer, Brussels
Ragna Heiny/stage designer, Salzburg
Martin Nachbar/choreographer, Berlin
Silke Bake/dramaturg, Berlin/Vienna
Jörn Köppler/architect, Berlin
Beata Hemer/architect, Kopenhagen
Nicola Godman/fine-artist, Amsterdam